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Hicks Family Subaru Offers Subaru Express Service Near Corpus Christi, TX

When you trust a dealership, you're more apt to utilize the service department as opposed to quick-fix service stations. And with that professionalism and attention-to-detail, you're assured of a thorough maintenance procedure, quick servicing and a repair done right.

Wherever you're located in Portland or Kingsville, Hicks Family Subaru's Express Service department extends to all Subaru models and other brands an entire menu of servicing, including the premier Hicks Family Subaru comprehensive oil change.

The Hicks Family Subaru Express Service Oil Change

There's a host of benefits that comes with an oil change at Hicks Family Subaru Express Service department. Each aspect is meant to ensure peak performance and safety of your vehicle. As well, those slight, mechanical nuances diagnosed are mitigated before becoming larger issues. Consider a Hicks Family Subaru Express Service oil change a multi-point inspection, too.

Here's what takes place:

  • On the lift, your vehicle's oil is drained, and a new oil filter is installed.
  • Next, an inspection of your tires and wheels takes place. Hicks Family Subaru Express Service technicians examine treads and sidewalls for anything amiss. Uneven tread wear and lack of tread depth may signal brake and wheel-alignment issues, or simple need of routine tire rotation.
  • Hicks Family Subaru Express Service technicians also pore over those brake system parts that may have considerable age or corrosion. The components of pads, calipers and rotors, as well as fluid lines can be worn quickly. In spite of their importance, brake systems are a routine, easy fix.
  • When your vehicle is lowered, fresh oil is introduced. And those vehicle systems requiring fluids will be topped off. Engine belts and hoses are also examined for wear and loose fits. And your vehicle's battery will be cleared of toxic residue caked around connections.
  • Important is clean air for the engine and cabin alike. Hicks Family Subaru Express Service technicians will examine each filter and replace as necessary after consultation with you.

You might not expect such particulars during an oil change, but that's the Hicks Family Subaru Express Service difference. Our thorough technicians are ably skilled and trained to ensure a safe and well-performing vehicle is returned to you.

Hicks Family Subaru Express Service's Other Servicing Procedures

All vehicles have certain maintenance protocols and service dates to meet, especially Subaru models. And if your oil was changed recently, each facet of the Hicks Family Subaru Express Service's oil change can be duplicated at-will, with an appointment made online or simply stopping by.

So, should your Subaru Forester have trouble starting or there's lack of power elsewhere in the cabin, have your vehicle battery tested. Headlamp and taillight bulbs may also be replaced, while electrical connections examined.

With streaks left across your vehicle windshield, have a Hicks Family Subaru Express Service technician replace your wiper blades. Should the wiper fluid reservoir be next to dry, our technicians will replenish as necessary.

Given the importance of tire health, should there be a foreign item lodged, don't remove it yourself. Bring your vehicle to Hicks Family Subaru Express Service department and have our tire technicians inspect. They can easily remove the object, and plug the residual hole as necessary. Though you may have all tires inspected for proper condition overall. Neglecting tires may prove catastrophic, especially at high speeds.

Governing tire vitality is wheel alignment. If you've experienced a "natural" pull to left or right, especially at top speeds, your vehicle's wheel alignment needs adjusting. This is performed by state-of-the-art equipment to finely tune wheel tilt and angle.

Air conditioning issues are diagnosed and remedied efficiently, comprising an all-encompassing approach to vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Hicks Family Subaru Express Service Gets the Job Done Right

Meet your vehicle challenges with servicing professionalism. Stop by our local Corpus Christi Subaru Express Service department today, no matter your vehicle make or model.

The technicians at Hicks Family Subaru can get your Subaru prepared with the parts for your Subaru model, as well as provide the maintenance services near Rockport, TX, for the maintenance schedule. Rely on our team for Subaru service and repairs today!

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